Estate Walkabouts

Estate walkabouts

Our housing officers organise walkabouts on our estates which customers can join.

The walkabouts – also known as estate inspections – involve walking around the estates where our homes are located, and identifying issues that might need to be tackled.

This includes a wide range of issues such as repairs to grounds and communal areas, or incidents of fly-tipping.

Walkabouts also give you the chance to talk to your Housing Officer and discuss issues about your estate or anything else to do with your home or tenancy.

Who can attend a walkabout?

Any customer of an Arches property can join an estate walkabout.

Officers from other organisations such as the local council or the police could also attend. This ensures that the correct organisation can investigate and deal with the issues as quickly as possible.

Time and place

The estate walkabouts being held in your area are set out below:

Central Patch 


Meeting Point  Date  Date Contact Information
Bressingham Road Junction of Catherine Road & Bressingham Road @ 10am 27/10/17 9/01/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Catherine Street Junction of Catherine Street & Brotherton Street @ 10am 23/10/17 16/01/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Ellesmere Road & Clun Street Junction of Ellesmere Road & Clun Street @ 10am 14/11/17 16/01/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Coningsby Road Car Park - outside 1 Coningsby Rd @ 10am 21/11/17 13/02/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Burnwood Junction of Grimesthorpe Road and Earldom Close @ 10am 30/11/17 20/02/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Middlewood Junction of Eastgate & Middlewood Drive East @ 10am 07/12/17 08/03/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Wensley Street Junction of Wensley Green & Wensley Street @ 10am 15/12/17 12/03/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;
Woodside Junction of Woodside & Woodfold @ 10am  04/12/17 15/03/18 Andrea Golding, 0114-2288115;

District Patch 

Scheme Meeting Point Date Date Contact Information

Acres Hill

On street outside number 9 Acres Hill Road @10am 27/10/17 11/01/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Britnall Street At the top of Britnall Street next to the monument @11am  27/10/17 11/01/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Brameld Road At the junction of Brameld Road and Toll Bar Road @ 10am 06/11/17 19/02/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
East Street, Doe Quarry,Dinnington On Doe Quarry Lane at the top of the green open space @10am 30/10/17 15/01/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Broom Valley At the roundabout to the front of 128 Broom Valley Road @11.30am 06/11/17 19/02/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Jenkin Road/Tipton Street  On Jenkin Road across from the park @1pm 14/12/17 06/03/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Ribston/Nidd Road East At the junction of Ribston Road & Nidd Road East@10am  14/12/17 06/03/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Oak Mews At the end of the road @12.30pm  06/11/17 19/02/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;
Balfour Drive At the junction of Balfour Drive and Staniforth Rd @11am 14/12/17 06/03/18 Kan Singh, 0114-2288110;

If you need any more details, please contact us and ask to speak to the Housing Officer responsible for the walkabout in the document above.

If you can’t attend a walkabout but would like to report anything about your estate, please get in touch